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Youth Programs Red Deer
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YOUTH Programs

With a solid focus on the healthy developmental assets of children, we provide hugely positive learning experiences designed to grow each child’s confidence, resilience and ability. By building their social-emotional competencies, challenging their personal growth and engaging them in their own successful outcomes we will help youth;



  • Enhance their emotional coping and regulation abilities

  • Improve memory recall, focus and impulse control

  • Improve their academic engagement and attendance

  • Reverse the damage of adverse childhood experiences

  • Counteract toxic stress

  • Create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities

Heart & Hands

“We’ve just had our best Parent/Teacher interview EVER! The teachers say that she’s a delight in the classroom and is a great helper with one of their students who has special needs. This program has been so beneficial; not only to Kaysia but to everyone who deals with Kaysia!”


 JOYCE KOTELES ~ November 2018


     ~ Grandma of Youth ‘LEGENDS’ Graduate

aboriginal youth programs

One of the many bonuses of working with horses vs a classroom setting, is the component of interactivity. We all learn differently, but we can all take away lessons that we learn through our experiences. As the only Internationally Recognized Equine Assisted Learning Program in Canada, each of our exercises is custom designed to maximize learning potential and focus on developing individual skills as they work through fun, interactive group challenges.



We reinforce this ™ Building Block ©  Program of solid skills development with Growth Mindset practices that give Youth even more tools for success! Overcoming fear & anxiety, healthy relationships and gratitude are a few of the topics that are introduced to enhance learning objectives throughout the curriculum. We plant the seeds to develop positive thought processes in a fun, interactive setting that keeps Youth open and engaged with the learning. 

Our interactive 8 & 12 week curriculum programs, as well as our workshop events for Youth, are specifically designed to ensure the learning and retention of necessary life skills to aid in each Youth's personal growth. It is an excellent approach to teaching that gives your Youth an experience to pull from when they are faced with choices and challenges. By consistently paralleling working with their teachers, the horses, back to everyday situations, our facilitators ensure that Youth understand how to carry their learning forward.

Let's Give OUR YOUTH Every Chance to SUCCEED!

"I learned to communicate better with my teammates. I also learned that the horses are just like people and need to be comforted just like humans. They need trust and connection too. They are also very comforting to come to. I learned that you can have very close relationships and a very strong friendship."


Boys & Girls Club  - Red Deer

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How do we Ensure Their BEST Futures?

Instill a GROWTH MINDSET that seeks to learn and empower

Identify the personal STRENGTHS that give each Youth value & purpose

Develop the positive ASSETS that help them grow up healthy caring & responsible

Build their CONFIDENCE so that it positively affects all of their relationships



All programs & events at Confident Kids Canada are designed to focus on the 40 Developmental Assets that help kids become the best that they can be! Through learning, experiencing and embracing these assets, Youth are able to reverse actual neurological and biological damage caused by trauma & toxic stress! Furthermore, they learn the resiliency and strength of character that ultimately translates into more positive social behaviours and reduced negative risk-taking behaviours.

Youth Leave Our Programs KNOWING How To:

  • Develop & maintain healthy relationships

  • Accept responsibility and accountability

  • Overcome barriers to find change

  • Be encouraged to be creative and innovative

  • Find opportunity in working together

  • Realize the benefits associated with effective communication

  • Recognize the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity

  • And so much more!

Curriculum Programs
youth empowerment programs red deer
LEGENDS Curriculum

12 Week Curriculum

Groups & Individuals

Ages 8-18yrs

Connecting kids to their full potential for positive futures!


8 Week Curriculum

Groups & Individuals 

Ages 8-18yrs 

Transforming attitudes & actions for the best possible outcomes!

Let's Give Youth Every Chance to Succeed!
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