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Field Trips

Play  ~  Learn  ~  Grow!

Confident Kids Canada provides meaningful and unforgettable learning experiences to nurture and empower youth in our communities. Our strength based approach focuses on personal growth and life skills learned through adventure and fun!

Our Mission

What Teachers Say...

Our class was fortunate enough to attend the Confident Kids Canada field trip this past Spring. All I can say is - “WOW”! This incredible experience had it all, it was educational (both for social-emotional learning as well as outdoor education, among other aspects) and it was so very enjoyable. All of the students were grinning ear-to-ear and it was phenomenal to see the team-work and leadership skills that came out of this amazing experience. Another perk of this trip was giving students exposure to the forest and to horses who would not normally get the opportunity to experience those things, and to do so in a safe and controlled environment. A favourite was the treasure hunt! Shana is absolutely amazing and truly went above and beyond to ensure that our day was fun, educational, safe and a fantastic experience. She is phenomenal with the children and the kids loved her. Not only was Shana extremely well organized for the day, but her attention to detail was impeccable and she thought of all of the little things as well. Thank you again Shana for this amazing experience! We will most definitely be back (year after year)!! “

Courtney Foster - Kindergarten Teacher, Our Lady of the Rosary School, Sylvan Lake


Our Field Trips

Youth participants working with a horse

Our field trips create an outstanding environment to learn important life skills such as leadership, healthy communication, and emotional regulation. Our professional horse teachers provide guidance and support to help your students develop these important life skills in a unique and meaningful way. Unforgettable learning! (no riding) There are two options:

  1. Observing an EAL lesson

  2. Experiencing an EAL lesson (hands-on)

Kids Treasure Hunt_edited.jpg

Adventure play is where it's at!! Your students will learn ~ through play ~  that the key to happiness is gratitude. As they embark upon a Treasure Hunt through forest & field, they will discover things that make themselves & others feel fantastic!

  1. Something you love to smell

  2. Something you can give to a friend that makes them smile...


Our developmental games offer a unique opportunity for positive youth development, experiential learning, and fun! Youth Learn:

  • Trust & Respect

  • Visualization

  • Active Listening

  • Accountability

  • Collaboration

  • And so much more...

Info to Help Plan Your Visit!

What To Expect

Excited kids who are pushing their limits, working together & thriving naturally!

The activities give students choices so that they become comfortable asking for what they need, speaking up and saying what they mean respectfully. Sharing  facts and opinions, choosing approaches to learning activities and reflecting with others on what they are learning is all part of the adventure!

Every Field Trip Adventure is an educational experience specifically designed to support YOUR positive school climate!

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