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Strengthening Mental & Emotional Health in Youth & Families


Supporting the Mental Health of Kids & Families Throughout  

COVID-19 Health Restrictions

OUR DOORS ARE OPEN and we are here to help kids & families through these unprecedented times of stress & uncertainty!


Working with small, personalized groups we can serve you in full compliance of current health guidelines. Our outdoor, wide open spaces offer immediate peace of mind, our protective measures ensure safety & our programs transform youth's mental health! 

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Confident Kids Canada serves to connect with Youth to help them develop healthy, positive futures for themselves, unburdened by the effects of trauma. Our goal is to engage Youth in the process of evolving into their true potential! We've combined a developmental curriculum with growth mindset activities and ongoing empowerment events to provide a place where Youth and their families will thrive!

In our programs, kids work alongside horses to develop the positive assets that will change their lives! We have an exclusive ability to impact kids who don't want to listen and to influence kids who do. They will leave our programs knowing how to move forward from life's adverse experiences with resiliency and confidence. As leaders of their own lives, they will go on to create healthy relationships that benefit themselves, their loved ones and their communities. Imagine the possibilities!

Heart & Hands


If you, or children you know, are being neglected or abused, you must report it.



Through our experiential programs, Youth will engage in a unique learning environment to develop solid skills for life! They will learn to make positive choices by working in a 'cause and effect' environment alongside a horse who depends on clear communication and leadership. Throughout the programs, Youth will learn self awareness and build confidence by learning appropriate assertiveness, problem solving, respect for themselves and others, trust, teamwork, and so much more! 


Need Help?


  • Toll free, 24 hrs, 7 days/wk

  • Available in over 170 languages

  • If it's an emergency call 911


  • Are affected by family violence

  • Need help with safety planning

  • Know someone who needs help

  • Need a list of services & supports in your area

  • Want to learn more about the issue​


Becoming Their Potential



Offers information & resources for those impacted by family violence, elder abuse, and bullying. To find a centre in central Alberta visit:

Contact your local FCSS for information & resources within your community


By focusing on the personal strengths of each youth we help them discover who they are, cultivate their abilities to shape their own lives and learn to engage with and enhance the world around them.


Alberta Supports offers Emergency funding, you can apply for help with costs to escape abusive situations.

Weekdays: 7:30am - 8:00pm

Women's Shelters are a safe location to escape family violence. Women and children can get help and connect with supports.

To find a shelter near you visit:

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Providing support, referrals and crisis intervention to victims of Crime and Tragedy.

You do no need a police file to contact Victim Services for help.

To find a unit near you visit:


Kids face many challenges so feeling confident in their own abilities makes all the difference to the outcomes of those challenges.  Youth who learn to regulate their emotions and utilize their strengths for success  are not easily affected by negative input because they have boundaries to resist compromise, insecurity or guilt. Now think about their mindset. They can learn skills but if their internal voice keeps telling them that they are not good enough or that they are victims or that that are entitled to their anger then they will struggle to move forward and enjoy their true potentials.

Kids + Toxic Stress =

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TOXIC STRESS can occur when a child experiences strong, frequent and/or prolonged adversity without adequate adult support.

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The Pet Safekeeping Program gives domestic violence survivors an option to foster their pets while seeking safety in a protective shelter


Victims of domestic violence can break their lease at no cost.


You can ask for a certificate if:

You're named on the rental agreement with the landlord

Your safety, or the safety of a child or dependent adult in the home, is at risk if you stay

Need Help?

Family Violence Info Line

Adverse Childhood Experiences


Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs, are potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood (0-17) such as experiencing violence, abuse or neglect.

Call toll free 24/7

Available in over 170 languages

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Alberta Mental Health

Information & resources for patients and families regarding mental health and addiction

Addiction and Mental Health

Mental Health Helpline

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Call 811 anytime day or night

Or click the logo above

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Positive Youth



An approach to intentionally structuring opportunities, supports and services for youth so that young people develop the skills they need to thrive and transition smoothly into adulthood.

The challenge lies with engaging Youth in their healthy development. When a child has experienced trauma or prolonged stress there can be very significant changes to their brain development. In a nutshell, even their motivation is reduced, making growth and recovery that much more challenging. Getting their attention, breaking through learned behaviours and making an impact that causes real growth can be difficult, especially if the Youth's home life is unsupported for success. Happily, engaging them is what we do best!

How Do We ENGAGE Kids? Our TEACHERS, Learning Environment & LIFE Experiences!

The biggest game changer for IMPACTING Youth? Horses as teachers! It is our horses that engage Youth in developing their self confidence and value. Horses are always honest, hold no judgement and require clear communication and consistent leadership. These are natural instincts that we can rely upon every time we work with a horse. They give us undeniable feedback based on the behaviour they are met with. As  Youth work alongside of the horse (no riding) the horse responds to their stimulus and clearly defines their personal strengths and limitations. No judgement, no pressure, no denying it!

Our next level of engagement is our outdoor, experiential learning environment. Youth will work in a hands on, self driven method of learning that gives them a positive experience to draw on. They will experience the results of effective communication, feel  what it's like to be a trustworthy leader - they are immersed in their learning environment and that makes all the difference!


Our dedicated team of professionals are ready to connect with your Youth, as well. Every member of our team has been affected by adverse life experiences. This allows us to relate to the Youth we serve with acceptance, connection and guidance as we facilitate their personal development. 




July 24, 2021


August 7, 2021

LEGENDS Curriculum


12 Week Curriculum

Ages 8-18 yrs

Teaching kids how to turn stress into strength!

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8 Week Curriculum

Ages 8-18 yrs 

Transforming attitudes & actions for the best possible outcomes!


Fundraisers, Field Trips, Retreats, Community...

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Let's Give Youth Every Chance to Succeed!
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