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Why This WORKS

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Heart & Hands

Horses as teachers serve as a beautiful interrupter and attention grabber for kids!  The instinctive guidance of a horse allows Youth a safer space to grow and develop the attributes they need to overcome adversity and meet new challenges with skill, experience and resiliency. Nowhere else can kids connect with a teacher who is incapable of judgement while holding them 100% accountable for their outcomes - all while having fun!






Easy! Every Time We Work With Them They;

  • Remove feelings of judgment

  • Interrupt ‘comfort zones’

  • Honest & instant feedback

  • Expect & require leadership

  • Engage learners

  • Invite safe bonding opportunities

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Over 2,000 years of experience...

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Horses are profound teachers due to their herd/prey instincts, complete lack of judgement, and non-verbal communication. Horses depend on a leader for mere survival alone. Their security comes from knowing that the members of their herd are looking out for them. Once domesticated, horses seek leadership from the humans who handle them. If we are not the leader, the horse will be!


Once our participants are taught the basics of understanding how the horse communicates, he or she can become the leader the horse seeks. When the horse feels safe, cooperation is a hundred fold and we can easily get the horse to do what is asked of it. When the horse is met with confusion, aggression or insecurity he will disengage and stop participating with his team. These responses are clear and consistent, creating highly teachable moments where Youth can understand the cause and effects of their behaviour. Facilitators are always on hand to parallel the learning back to everyday life situations so that Youth have an experience to draw on that helps them to retain the lesson.