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~ We Are So Grateful!

Little Jons takes care of our 'urgent needs' by supplying our porta potty at no charge ~ a HUGE relief! Carter didn't hesitate  to help Youth and community with this donation when we really needed it! Massive thanks goes out to Carter, Lorretta, Jodi and the whole Little Jons crew for taking such amazing care of us - we are so grateful!


Since the very first day of life, Confident Kids Canada has been blessed with the absolute support of Kim Kirbyson. In fact, in our first year of operation Kim insisted that we accept her personal loan in order to seize our dream and see it through!  Whether it's hands on help, generosity or an outstanding and uplifting attitude, Kim is a huge part of our journey - we are so grateful!

BRIAN ENGEL ~ Lakeview Contracting

& Super Nice Neighbour! 

Lakeview Contracting provides us with impeccable service and saves us a ton of resources. (Time, money, freezing our butts off, excessive manual labour...) Soooo glad we can depend on their land maintenance  support, knowledge, equipment and caring. Thanks a million, Brian & team ~ we are so grateful! 

Teammates ~ Corrinne & Sierra

These ladies enriched us with some big impacts in a short amount of time! Always ready with ideas and support they were a part of the growth and development of Confident Kids Canada. Their willing attitudes and desire to help kids is outstanding and their time with us will not be forgotten - we are so grateful! 

Honorary Matriarch

           - MAUREEN BOULTER

Maureen is the lifetime friend of our family. A finer friend cannot be found and her love and support is a rock for us all! Whether it's cheer leading, financing or making things happen  - Maureen has given so much to support all of us at Confident Kids Canada - we are so grateful!

FAMILY Support

WOW, it is all made possible because of this OUTSTANDING family support!! Greg carries the finances, daycare and faith to support Confident Kids Canada 110% Aden participates in every endeavor that helps to create what we offer. Valerie works tirelessly (well, she's a little tired!) to enable the time and space that Confident Kids Canada needs to grow. Devin teaches us how to raise a confident kid by opening us up to new perspectives, awareness and education. Combined, we have the complete foundation for success - we are so grateful!

Can't forget Glen! With his support, Confident Kids Canada has the BEST family farm to host our life changing programs - we are so grateful!

Help kids live their best lives!
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We have been trained by the world renowned Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc, who certify all over the world through the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning BuildingBlock™ course. You will see Equine Connection instructors in the videos provided, these will give a better understanding of the value of our programs and workshops.

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