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This hands-on learning environment teaches participants tools and skills to handle stressful thoughts and emotions, to be the leaders of their own future, to recognize and be accountable for their thoughts and actions and to learn how to draw upon their individual strengths to succeed.


8 week Curriculum

2 hour session

2-6 Participants ~ Ages 12-18

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Youth need tools to handle their stress & learn to overcome the barriers that lead to healthy change. They will learn in an environment that is safe, where violence and victims do not exist. Through participation in our program, your Youth will learn that they are capable and confident. They will begin to change aggressive or passive behaviours  to find positive outcomes in their daily interactions. Their 'self talk' will also improve as they find accomplishment and pride in themselves and learn to modify their previous, ineffective behaviours throughout this unique life skills program.


Our interactive WARRIORS Program is specifically designed to ensure growth, learning and retention of necessary life skills to aid in each Youth's personal recovery and growth. It is an excellent approach to teaching that gives your Youth an experience to pull from when they are faced with choices and challenges, by consistently paralleling working with their teachers, the horses, back to everyday life situations.

How Do HORSES Help Change Negative Circumstances?

A horse depends on leadership & clear communication in order to respond willingly  as a teammate. If the horse is met with conflicting behaviour (aggression, insecurity, indifference) he will refuse to participate. These responses (from the horse) cause Youth to clearly identify their strengths and limitations and then adjust their approach/behaviour to achieve the desired results. 

It is not necessary for Youth to bond with or even to like the horses - the learning outcomes will remain positive and effective; however, many Youth will benefit from the connection they experience when working with horses. Their quiet,  honest, non judgmental natures make a huge impact on learners, especially those who haven't experienced a lot of trust in their lives.