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FAMILY Workshops



Do you know a Youth who would benefit from some extra support as they learn to handle their BIG emotions and gain confidence in themselves? This Workshop provides you & your Youth  safe space to work through feelings of overwhelm & ineffective behaviours with dignity. It will interrupt 'defualt' patterns of behaviour and instill feelings of confidence that are only achieved through the positive learning experiences our horse teachers provide. As well, adult caregivers will fully engage in all activities with their Youth, thereby aiding, understanding & celebrating each win as they arise ~ that's a win-win day of personal growth!

1/2 Day Workshop

10:00am - 1:00pm

Ages 6+

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Is it time to get your family back on track? To strenthen your valuable connections to one another that can be tough to maintain in the run of everyday life? We get it! We also know it's easier said than done so we have created a unique and highly effective program to help you. Throughout this workshop, you & your family will learn simple strategies that elevate your communication, respect & trust. Everyone will thrive! 

Full Day Workshop

10:00am - 3:00pm

Ages 8+

Let's Give Youth Every Chance to Succeed!
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